Jessie E Turner's Fantasy
Sixteen year old Starsha is a dreamer in a world where female dreamers are feared, and hunted with the intent to destroy. Ancient writings foreshadow her destiny.

"When the Moon is in the day sky in the Valley of Thunder she will rise up on wings of power and reclaim dominion."

The prophecy foretold her quest, but it didn't tell how she was to conquer her own weakness. 
"A powerful and inspiring novel that helped me to see the truth about my own personal power and ability to do great things."
Georgia Lyman
"Visual descriptions, vivid pictures, powerful conflict.  
Would make a great movie!"
John Barney
"I read it straight through without stopping and that is a first for me."
Boyd Atterberry
Moon in the Day Sky is about finding the courage 
and self-confidence to defeat great evil.